miehlie v 50

Press is locked up any ideas?

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markward, is it jamed up on impression?
pull a double or triple? turn the press off.
engage the drive lever and click into place.
this release’ the brake. Now try with your hands
on both sides off the flywheel and try to reverse the press.
turn the oppisite direction of the arrows on the wheel.
best james

Was the press running when it locked up”?
Did the belt come off the pulley?
With the power off, can you turn the press over by hand?
Is the feeder in time?
Do not try to open the press until you can go one revolution by hand.

Had my V-50 lock up on me once. Could barely budge the flywheel by hand. Turned out it was the gear, cyl driving (VF 169). The oil line had snapped off and wasn’t getting oil. Had a press mechanic come by and between the two of us forcing the fly wheel to inch I noticed the large nut on the outside of the frame jump slightly. Open up nut and press was freed. We removed the delivery and removed the arms holding the bed. Couple of hours and it was up and running.


James & Mike-

I had my V-50X jam up with a multiple sheet feed error. I used both suggestions and was able to free the press. All is well thanks to the letterpress experts here at Briar Press.