Cylinder on Miehle Vertical 50

A few week back I got my Miehle Vertical 50.
I turned it on last night, I The press runs, the arms move for the papre, but the cylinder just sit in the down position.

What did I do wrong?

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Does the cylinder go up and down the rack as the press moves?


Usually the trigger to operate the cylinder is a Diaphragm buried right insided the middle of the cylinder which will not permit the cylinder to turn, until a sheet blocks the holes on feed linked to the battery of grippers, which are turned on or off according to sheet size, just a possibility, not fact, but just checked out with a buddy. B.H.M. who has worked with verticals since about the mid 1950 s!!!!

The cylinder stays and the form goes up and down (i think) its been a long time since i ran one. Like the other kids said the cylinder won’t turn till there is a sheet in there.

Thanks for the information.

Aaron David , if the cylinder isn’t raising to feed position
something is majorly wrong. james

Sorry about this post. The day I looked at the cylinder, I was in a big hurry and just looked down.

And, thought it wasn’t moving.

Aaron you wont be the first person to look at a vert and see it doing nothing , they look (from above) like the sheet just passes from front to back with not a lot happening!