Rent or own

I purchased some printing equipment last week. And rented a space to use the equipment in.

Now, a day after agree and paying for the equipment and rent, a person I once worked for asked me if I want to rent his shop for a fair amount of money.

Should I get out purchasing the equipment and rent his shop or have my own shop and work as I feel.

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I don’t know – follow your intuition! But I do know – in both cases be sure to make a contract protecting you from ending up the street again.
Good luck & Gott grüß die Kunst

For the last few months, I have been working two days a week in a friend’s printshop, doing the typesetting and printing of the jobs he takes on. I could continue to work at my friend, but he’s not too bothered anymore about what he produces and he won’t let me take over. That’s why I’ve decided to set up my own shop elsewhere in town, because I like it to reflect my taste, quality of work and style. I prefer my freedom…

Thomas, your posting sounds like what happen to last year.

After getting some sleep from my posting last night, I feel owning my own is best.
The word freedom, you stated in your posting says it all.

If I want to print blue rabbits on pink paper, I shouldn’t have to answer to anyone, but myself if I have the money to do so.

I think the fellow with the rental offer, is making sound good, but, I still will not have my freedom.

Thanks for the post about freedom.

That the real answer.

While it looks like you have made your decision, I will add that by renting someone else space and equipment, you are at their mercy to get your jobs done. If they have the equipment tied up in their jobs, you have to wait.

Yes Aaron, I agree that you should print the blue rabbits on pink paper!


Guys, blue rabbits on pink stock, i think you need to get into a program and dry out a little.