Letterpress movie


We make a small movie. Maybe it will interesting for you.


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Wow, what a fantastic video showing the full production process. This is going to be a classic for the letterpress community.

We need an ‘I like’ button on this site.

Beautifully done, congratulations…

GREAT video. I really like your sense of branding/marketing and how you did the credits at the end.

Thanks for sharing that!

Gorgeous! I love how some scenes are in slow motion. Platenprinter, if you register on Vimeo, there is a “like” button.


Edit: I hope you don’t mind that I posted this to the “Artisan Videos” section of reddit. It’s interesting to see the discussion of what constitutes “artisan.” As for the comments about product placement, there are many posts in r/artisanvideos that feature manufactured products. There would be very few artisans if no one bought their creations!

Super GREAT video!

Love your video! If only I had a paper cutter like that…

Thanks - great fun to watch…

That was really great ! Thanks for posting.

Thanks for positive comments. We really tried hard!

I could live without a Heidelberg I suppose…

I want that camera.

This is a really well done video.

Great video, really enjoyed it. New to letterpress and it looks so exciting. Thanks.

Unreal video. The attention to detail and branding was so awesome. You did a great job of showing the meticulous side of letterpress!

To David Jasmund:
We used SONY NEX-FS700 and Canon 5D Mark III and some professional optics.

And some photos with HDR

image: 3.jpg


image: 2.jpg


image: 1.jpg