Fixing A Chase version 2

I just wanted to post some pictures. When it is asked how to fix a chase, half of the answers are weld it and half are don’t weld it the cast iron doesn’t expand evenly. This was how the chase I’ve used for the last twenty plus years was fixed. I’m not saying it will work for everyone but it is an alternative to consider. (No, I didn’t do this, it was this way when I started using it.)
I hope this helps someone.

image: FixingChaseCorner.jpg


image: ChaseFixSide.jpg


image: ChaseFixFront.jpg


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This is what the two diagonal corners of the chase for my Sigwalt Nonpareil 6x9 looked like when I bought it almost 50 years ago. It’s held up just fine through tens of thousands of impressions.


image: Sigwalt chase repair.jpg

Sigwalt chase repair.jpg

If it holds it works ! i have come across large chases for cylinders that were mitred at the corners and bolted much like the above , they worked .