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C.C.and others, reading with some degree of interest current round of posts involving belittleing comments, (i.e. backstabbing etc) I try occasionally to post comments directly relating to the original queries, as do a few others, I would like to think!!! I have had my cage bars rattled, but have accepted it in the spirit in which it was offered, and had a secret little chuckle, because it came from one who I sincerely believe thinks of their self (gender unspecified) as a custodian for the future, not current owner of the equipment or the knowledge, HELD IN TRUST, for forwarding!!! But I feel that some of the slightly silly posts and equally silly responses from the “still wet behind the ears” tend to have the effect of bringing out some adverse reactions in some that actually do know and care. I speak in this case only for myself but I am sure others are passionate about keeping the concept alive, but incorporating modern technology as well. I am desparately hoping to show (possibly) the first Lady/Female how to run a Monotype Casting Machine. Female Keyboard operators were not unusual, but not Caster Operators. And C.C. if it were practical or even possible, and I were Instrumental in any way passing on some of my rubbish, I would be a very Happy Chappie. I like to think of myself as possibly the last of a special line which began with ELIZABETH COTTON, (your Elizabeth Cotton) and now rests with me. W>T>F> he talking about:- Hopefully and possibly most former Monotype Caster Operators would have monitored the output from their charges (machines) for quality, but because for the last 15 years before Litho sold us down the river, when we were all on bonus trying to keep up it became almost imperative to monitor output from 2 casters, obviously, upside down and back to front, and it still bugs me a little, WHERE does ELIZABETH COTTON come into the picture? Although very sadly no longer with us came from Plantation/Slavery type background and taught herself to play the GUITAR, with virtually no help UPSIDE DOWN AND BACK TO FRONT, Clawhammer style to be technical. Fortunately Pete Seeger recognised an amazing genius and gave her a boost. An amazing Lady. Nothing whatsoever to do with letter press printing, other than no mirror would have been needed to read the type.>>> COCO Nil Desperandum. You now have a target to aim at. Truly, Good Luck Mick.

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I take it you sing Freight Train to yourself while casting. :)

Well he used to make butter so i dread what else he got up to ,although there are rumours he was building an engine in the corner of one plant he worked in !!
Come on mick time to own up who was building and restoring an engine ?????

Platen Printer, Thanks for your comment, tells me than A you read it, Which I hope Coco did too, and B some down home, know a little of their own musical history, but unfortunately in my case My sound system was blackballed because it had to be so loud (to overpower 2 casters at full tilt, 3 when the Union Snoops were thought to be out of sight) the Keyboard ops next door would frequently (very frequently) resort to sabotage of my power supply!!>>>BUT wasnt Elizabeth Cotton an Amazing Lady and not just for Freight Train!! And Peter, Just a little realignment of the facts, The alleged engine was not being rebuilt, in the corner of the Casting Dept it was in actual fact waiting to be snuck back out for eventual delivery, home, and was held up, waiting for B.M. to supply rent-a-mob facilities re lifting on, and as it happens he b.m. was a little tied up with the occasional tiny relaxation period awaiting to be “Passed For Press” >>>>Whats the idiot on about, now we will have to investigate what, passed for press, means and JUST possibly learn something relevant. to how it used to be. A dollar to a pinch of the Rockies, (Genteel version of our crude expression) If our esteemed buddy who uses a capital letter after his handle!!! reads this (and I hope he does) he may post a little master class, cross the “T”s and dot the “I”s to help the new ones, telling how it was (1) Typeset, (2)Proof Read, in house, (3) Proof read by the Customer, and corrected, if need be and returned, (4) imposed with Machine Proof and eventually (5) Passed for press (printing). What has happened to all of that?

B.M said he was pretending to be the queen , sitting on the throne asleep ( in the toilet for the sake of the people across the ponds ) .
Passing jobs is a waste of time seeing as most of our managers these days come from uni etc and have never got ink on their shirt as someone here puts it .
Proof reading well that went west along with teaching kids to spell properly in school ,It seems, to write phonetically is acceptable in schools today !