Manual for, or info about, the Open Kluge Letterpress needed.

I recently purchased an almost “new” 10x15 “open” Kluge Letterpress. I am familiar with the Automatic Kluges, and I had supposed the Open was the same press, only with the feedboards & swivel, plus a cam that increases the dwell time for the platen. But there seems to be a lot of other differences, too, such as the absence of the adjustable side gauge, and gripper bars! The motor and belt is entirely covered by a fender, and a sheet metal body entirely covers the frame, not unlike the latter-day C&Ps. It seems to be, in fact, a ‘minimalist’ press. It still carries four rollers, three form rollers and a vibrator roller, but does not seem to have the lever which raises and drops the ink disk. There is, however, a ‘T’ twist lever with locks the chase in place.

When I say my press is new, I think it dates to around 1966-1970. It appears to have very few actual printing hours on it, the prior owner took meticulous care of it.

I attempted an internet search for definitive information regarding the Open Kluge, finding really nothing. Not much by way of response on the News Groups either. These really are different presses from the Automatic Kluges, which makes sense, really. The dynamic of hand feeding is entirely different from an automatic feeding process, as anyone who has opened the feeder of an automatic out of the way to hand feed an automatic directly to the elevators can tell this right away! It seems to be ergonomically lower and very spacious when you stand before the board. There is also a utility shelf beneath the feedboard for oil cans, solvents, &c.

So, I wonder if A: anyone with an Open Kluge might be able to shed some insight as to aspects of the press, or B: anyone might have an idea where to locate a manual for the Open Kluge (10x15, if size makes a difference)

Photos of my Kluge, it’s arrival and installation can be seen at


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Well, it doesn’t look like much in the way of responses, which I sorta figured would happen. I decided to continue on with my own investigation into the Open Kluge, by way of observing my own, and comparing it with Kluges I have operated in the past. I posted photos and some narration on by blog at:

looks a super super press, hope all goes well with it. I haven’t got a Kluge………..!

It is indeed a beautiful press, and the Seats are nice and helpful people.
Our Kluge, (autofeed) is too old and unguarded to be acknowledged by Brantjen and Kluge but yours looks much safer so perhaps they would still provide a manual for it or you could try Dale Prudholme at 217-762-6088

Thanks for the feedback, folks, and Stuart, I will give Dale a call. I started publishing some history and info that I’ve been able to gather on my “educational site” at

As I get more info, I’ll continue to post it … just to make up for the lack of information on the web.