Wanted: Floor model letterpress

Hi, I’m a Swede and brand new to this world. But somehow, a couple of weeks ago I found something I didn’t know I was looking for, letterpress printing. So now I’m looking to buy a floor model letterpress. I’ve been looking all over Sweden to find one, but since that seems quite impossible, I found this great fourm.
So my dream at the moment is to find a foot driven floor based model. I’ve been looking at Golding Pearl models since they aren’t as heavy as C&P for example, but also Peerless. This because of shipping costs but also I haven’t got much room for a press and what I understand the Pearls are quite smooth in size too.

If anybody know somebody, I’m very interested to buy it. I imagine the easiest would be if the press is located in Europe like UK, Netherlands etc, because of shipping fees and so forth. I will be handling all the shipping communication, so hopefully there will just be a simple pick up from a shipping company.

Well, I’ll would be very pleased for any hints on how to go further and any tip on which model would be suitable for someone in my position will be much appreciated to! (Or anything else that is good to know for a beginner.)

I hope I posted this in the right category? Just let me know if there is a better suited place to post this information and I’ll move it. Thank you.

All the best,
Johan Andreasson, Sweden

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Hello Johan, I see thatyou’re looking for a printing press to print letterpress. As you’re in Sweden, the most obvious thing would be to look in Europe and not in the USA, because the transport costs will be very high. And I’m not even talking about spare parts, type height etc.
There is a very good forum in the Netherlands, where every day of the week things are being offered at reasonable prices, and often for free. Last week a treadle platen press in Belgium was offered for 550 euro.
You should also look here: http://www.netzwerk-druckgrafik.de/kauf.htm
The website in the Netherlands is here: http://www.drukwerkindemarge.com

Good luck!

Hi, Thomas, thanks for your reply. I’ve been looking on www.drukwerkindemarge.com for the last week, and I’ll continue to keep my eyes open on that site.
www.netzwerk-druckgrafik.de was new to me and I’ll search there to from now on.

Thanks for your advices!

Johan, Sir, If you would like to contact me via B. P. and E mail, I am sure that I can, possibly, help you in your quest for a machine and/or information.>>>Help and info On B. P. tends to be absorbed into the previous posts too quickly>> >>>Regards Mick.

The Logan Press UK-wide selection at the moment

reguarly presses on ebay co-good ones recently-

the hewitt press has dropped a lot in price recently but similar have been selling c.7-800gbp-ebay.co.uk

netzwerk is mainly etching and litho, there has been the occaisional letterpress Korrex etc, usually more in ebay.de as “andruckpresse” eg FAG, Korrex cylinder presses, I remember only one “kniehbel” press recently in Berlin for example.

Dear Johan,

Do you happen to know any Scandinavian Letterpress studios? I’ve been trying to find out, but I can only find one in Stockholm and one in Copenhagen.
Would you be able to track down any others?

Thank you so much,

Jens Jørgen Hansen, based in Holsted, teaches in Copenhagen. Pete Burke in Copenhagen as well. There is a printing museum in Sweden as well.

Thank you Thomas. I did find Jens already, but I am glad you mention Pete Burke.

and don’t forget to visit this: http://www.grafiskamuseet.se/index_en.asp

You might post a classified add on BP. Sellers are more
likely to be looking there than the general discussion. I posted there for a cylinder press and within a few weeks, I rec’d a contact email offering to sell me one.

good luck


My Vicabold, Victoria and 30inch Western are in the Classifieds for sale. Don’t miss out. All rare beasts!

jag har set nagra pa blocket for en tid sen du kan ju alltid fraga nagon grafisk maskin aterforsaljare i sverige tror inte dom har sjalva ,men kanske har sett nagon i natt nerlagt tryckeri grafiska huset eller colonell kan vara ett exempel. lycka till