My *new* C&P 10x15

Here is a shot of acquiring my new Chandler & Price 10x15 NS press. It was used by a Masonic Lodge in Southwestern Michigan for many years and then sat unused for at least 20 years. It is mostly complete - I need new rollers and need to do a good clean up on it. It has a clever type of cap on most of the oil holes that uses a spring loaded ball bearing - push on it and you can oil the fitting, remove the oiler and it closes out any debris — is this after market? I also probably need a new motor. I will post a photo of it — it uses a wide wheel that looks like it rubs against the large flywheel. Also there is a foot pedal that looks like a brake. It has a real crankshaft, so I’ll be getting a treadle from Hern to get me going… then down the road I’ll think about the motor stuff. The shot is of how we got it from the door of the Masonic Lodge and into the bed of my U-Haul trailer. There are no photos of unloading it — since I did that part alone, just me, the press, and a pallet jack. Not fun.

image: c&p 2.jpg

c&p 2.jpg

image: trailer.jpg


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Keep trying to post the images with the attach an image function here.

The file name cannot have any odd characters. I’m not sure if the ampersand in C&P is what is preventing it…
Don’t let the file name have spaces just to be sure, also.
Also maybe reduce the image sizes to about 450 x 600 pixels.. That seems to work for me.

How can you say that moving presses by yourself is not fun? :) Chances are you’ll get a number of chances in the future.

Seriously, it isn’t too hard off the kind of trailer shown as long as you do it carefully and deliberately. A come-along and a johnson bar make it a lot easier. Pallet jacks roll a bit too easily for my taste and can be a bit tippy on a turn, so I put skids under the feet of the press (bolted on) and use the johnson bar to lever it along; the come-along is a belay to limit the amount of movement.

So exciting! Congratulations on your new press! I was giddy when my 12x18 rolled off the truck.

The oil hole caps sound really neat— would you be able to take a pic or two of them to post?