Sigwalt owners, need info please

We have an interesting discussion that developed in a different thread so I am started a new one to get attention to the specific topic. Any Sigwalt owners please tell us what if any stamped in numbers you are seeing on your press and the location you are seeing it, platen, bale, bed, ink disk etc. We are trying to determine if Sigwalt put serial numbers on his presses. We are not talking about any cast in numbers in the iron itself which are probably part numbers and raised. Just the ones that are punched in (recessed).

JF (Golding-guy)

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Our 4x6 Sigwalt Ideal #3 does not have any numbers on it. We also have a 4x6 Golding Official #2. It has 1072 stamped on the bed.

image: golding2.jpg


image: golding1.jpg


image: sigwalt.jpg


Thanks for your info Bigtree. Here is the location a number was found on another Sigwalt.

JF Golding-guy

image: sigwalt.jpg


Good call. We found the number in the same place.

image: sigwalt2.jpg