Information for Ludlow Salesmen (book) online

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Jeff Shay, of the C. C. Stern Type Foundry, has acquired something rather special - a copy of the handbook of information issued to Ludlow salesmen. This particular copy is current through about 1962. It includes all manner of arcane details of the Ludlow and Elrod: matrix fonting schemes, all matrix fonts available as of 1962, explanations of why particular items are expensive (so that the salesman could in turn justify this to the customer), identification of the two typefaces which (as of 1962) required the special 40-degree italic equipment, etc.

Jeff has very graciously allowed this to be scanned. I’ve done it in sections, so that the PDFs are mostly of reasonable size (but it’s also hosted at The Internet Archive, where it can be read online). See:

A multi-part scan such as this presents ample opportunity for error, so if something looks wrong, please let me know (and if it looks as if I’ve missed a page, let me know soon, as I need to return this book to Jeff).

As Ludlow enthusiasts we owe Jeff a great debt of gratitude. Although this digitization is not a C.C.Stern project, I might suggest that supporting the Stern Type Foundry would be an appropriate way to repay this debt.

David M.
dmm at lemur dot com

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Mr. Jeff Shay and Dr. David M MacMillan
A great big THANK YOU for your time and effort.
We appreciate it.


David, you provide an invaluable resource to nerdy type and print ephemera enthusiasts everywhere. {like myself, in case anyone thinks the ‘nerdy’ part is insulting ;-) }

I just wanted to offer my thanks.