Help to ID Wood type (partial)

The marque is from Day & Collins. Ro. 385905 camp (if read correctly). My point of reference material is limited, would very much like to know more and see the sampler where available.

image: DSC01182.JPG


image: DSC01186.JPG


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I am not familiar with that particular font, but I am interested in the piece you are holding in the second photo. I have about seven or eight fonts of wood type (not sure if “font” is correct for wood type. Is “face” more appropriate?) and have wanted to research them. I read previously that the upper case “A” usually has manufacturer identification on it. Is that the letter you are holding?

Hi There,
Its Rhodesian Condensed. Its in my 1920s D & C Cat.

Dan X Solo showed a complete specimen of this font in his book “100 Art Nouveau Fonts”, calling it “Pretoria”.
I imagine he knew it was called “Rhodesian”, but gave it a similar name to avoid any copyright problems (although Pretoria is in South Africa).
Under the name “Pretoria” it has now made its way into the world of free digital fonts, so you can find and download it very easily.


image: Pretoriafont.jpg