Boxcar Press Swing Away Lay Gauge

I did a quick search and noticed that there hasn’t been any discussion on Boxcar Press’s recently released swing away lay guage for the Windmill.

The product, although seemingly pricy, looks amazing. I’m curious if it’s worth the splurge.

I’m curious if anybody has used it? You can see a video and a description:

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I use them. They are excellent.

Prior to using them, curling stock would present a hassle, since pin gauges could not be easily used with the base & plates.

Developed especially for boxcar under its original name from over twenty years ago ?
I have a nickel version as sold by caxton printers supplies in the late 80s or another that i have, only the name marked on that is HAKRO , I know nothing of this one only that it has that name on it . As is often said on here ,there is not much left to invent that is truly new in printing.
They work in their own way and have uses ,however dont drop your chase on one !