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Here's the instructions; the delete...31 Aug
Remember to fan your stock as you load...6 Aug
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I had a 13 x 18 GTP, I always used an...24 Jul
Naval Jelly:...21 Jul
I haven't been able to apply full-face...18 Jul
Use a side bevel rule, bevel side...17 Jul
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Here's the cloth shop towels I use, I...25 Jun
Here's the right MSDS...25 Jun
Hi Mike; Just for kicks, I decided to...24 Jun
What is your question?14 Jun
The term is "scarcer than a hen's...1 Jun
Neither of our C&P's had adjustable...31 May
The Heidelberg windmill and the...27 May
agreed. 12 May
Eric has a good point; I've used...11 May
It seems we used a thin vinyl, but I...11 May
who? where?11 May
Order a .030 counter from your...11 May
I've been hesitant to reply, as I think...8 May
Dale, I think your estimate is quite...23 Apr
So you're talking about American sizes...22 Apr
I've only been using copper engravings....21 Apr
Making a new post for the chase might...18 Apr
It's a 7x11 built in 1909, according to...18 Apr
Masking tape would work, however, I...15 Apr
Tappy is the best.13 Apr
I consider pressboard an essential...13 Apr
nathanegriffin, do you have the...8 Apr
The photo has been rotated, his photo...7 Apr
The kluge is a reliable press. I had a...3 Apr
Thanks Bud. You're running mostly Kluge...2 Apr
A windmill. I lived in Sonoma County...31 Mar
Bud, thanks for the info. I'm exploring...30 Mar