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I ran one for years; they are very...17 Feb
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NA Graphics has a good deal on opaque...31 Jan
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Can you list the equipment and items...8 Jan
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Western is correct, I have a small lift...23 Dec
thanks13 Dec
I got "Not authorized to view this...13 Dec
I agree with Liber's answer, I use...9 Dec
I have (2) used 10 x 15 windmill...24 Nov
You can buy one over at Hern Iron...22 Nov
Are you making the die or the counter?20 Nov
Fritz at NA Graphics sells the...15 Nov
Nothing wrong with experimenting as...15 Nov
Nope. I've replaced several over the...14 Nov
You're Welcome. ;-)11 Nov
Below the suction trip, it says 'pull...11 Nov
I would first make sure your tracks and...9 Nov
I've gotten good results with 3M ATG...8 Nov
OK, just a couple of things here; make...8 Nov
Typenut is right, this is a magnesium...7 Nov
Good guidance here. I've actually cut a...30 Oct
I've found the flying dutchman...30 Oct
Rollers are probably stuck to the ink...28 Sep
I'd check for oil on the flywheel...23 Sep
The side guide adjustment is described...18 Sep
Does it feed OK off of impression? If...16 Sep
Here's the instructions; the delete...31 Aug
Remember to fan your stock as you load...6 Aug
Can you see the impression from the...1 Aug
AnnieW, Re-knifing with side bevel is...28 Jul
I had a 13 x 18 GTP, I always used an...24 Jul
Naval Jelly:...21 Jul
I haven't been able to apply full-face...18 Jul
Use a side bevel rule, bevel side...17 Jul