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Western, I have done just that, I used...10 Feb
I bought several at Harbor Freight. 8 Feb
Roger, we ground out a small portion of...7 Feb
I agree with Liberty, what are you...5 Feb
Can you eliminate some packing on that...27 Jan
If you're going to be doing any amount...24 Jan
what broke? 22 Jan
...22 Jan
Here's someone that has cast ink discs...13 Jan
eBay might be a place to sell it. I've...5 Jan
Apparently out of business; posted on...2 Jan
That's a really good price on that...31 Dec
zbang, is it safe to assume you're hand...27 Dec
It sounds like you really got a great...24 Dec
Copper is the best by far, as Eric has...22 Dec
I no longer do numbering, and my main...21 Dec
I print on very absorptive stocks, so I...19 Dec
Hi Annie; OK, first of all, you have a...17 Dec
Buy a Kluge stamper. They have the air...8 Dec
I hate to ask, but could you post a...21 Nov
I ran a 12 x 18 C&P for years, with a...12 Nov
Wow, a lot of this is over my head, but...8 Nov
I've used 2 sided tape to mount dies...29 Oct
Hi Eric; I've printed with 1/4" copper...29 Oct
The chase needs to be absolutely flat;...24 Oct
I suspect your lockup; the chase should...24 Oct
It's The Crawford Company...20 Oct
You may want to check with Crawford and...19 Oct
I owned a Miehle 29 letterpress for 24...19 Oct
Talk to Boxcar Press; they sell low VOC...16 Oct
Kirk; So I still think the range I gave...4 Oct
Hi Kirk; It depends on where you are...3 Oct
I've bought parts from Crawford for my...26 Sep
I like your setup; Is that die board...17 Sep
Good catch western411! Wow, that's an...13 Sep
OK, but it fits, right? Try cleaning it...11 Sep
Hang on to that skeleton chase, it may...10 Sep
Boxcar has some great instructional...10 Sep
It's been years ago, but we used a...15 Aug
When I saw your post about die-cutting...23 Jul