surface rust

Hey all I have a Chandler&Price press it was made in 1900 and is in amazing shape we are getting it set up to use but there is some surface rust on the ink plate in not sure the best way to take it off the plate is in awesome shape no damage or blemishes just some light rust on the surface any advice will help

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Look for a product called Evapo-Rust, it’ll sort it out in a couple of hours. Make sure you treat the surface somehow immediately afterwards to prevent it from rusting again.


Thanks Kim Il look for that

Evapo-Rust is a fine product.
What about some plain old fashioned hand labor. A piece of about 120 emory paper and a flat block of wood and a lot of elbow motion. Cheap. Good exercise. When all the rust is off, you might want to finish with a piece of 200 grit. Not really necessary.
The ink disk and the rails are to be left as bare metal. If however, you are in a humid climate and will leave the press for longer times without use, a light coat of oil is appropriate to prevent further rust. This must be removed with solvent before using the press again.

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Always used a light oil (like 3-in-1) and steel wool for surface rust, myself.

Wet and dry if its real bad but use metal polish for the wet not water , use oil as a wet also .
If its not so bad then wire wool and metal polish ,in the absence of metal polish then paint cutting fluid or what we call Colour cut or T cut . Wipe over with oily rag after to remove any grit and leave a film to protect from damp.