Roller issue?

I have a roller question.

I keep getting these black specs on my plate. I’ll take the chase out and spot clean, place the chase back on, re-ink and press the design. The black spots are back but in different areas.

I looked at everything and the only thing I can think is my rollers may be breaking down and teeny tiny pieces of it are coming off on the paper.

Any other ideas? I uploaded a picture but it may not be clear because the website had to resize it.

image: image.jpg


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I should add, it was recently moved to an upstairs room which can get quite stuffy (humid). Could this be causing a problem?

Are you sure the black specks aren’t already in the ink which you are using, before you put it on the press? Try using completely different ink and see if it still happens.

looks like you aren’t getting all the black ink off the rollers, when going to a light color most printers will wash up a couple of times then ink with your light color and rewash again. Stuffy and humid could cause some problems, paper wants to curl and ink don’t like to work plus your rollers can swell.