Windmill washup blade

I bought a new washup blade since the old one was probably 20+ years old and clearly in need of replacement. There’s a difference in thickness between the old and new one where it attaches to the washup unit. Am I supposed to remove something from the old one to use, or do I just need to get some washers to fill out the space so the bolts will lock in.

Pictures below.


image: Old washup blade.

Old washup blade.

image: New washup blade.

New washup blade.

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Some units have a steel block that take up the difference but you can just as easily get a shorter bolt that fits .Set of bolts .

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Wondering if that blade was available at a discount over most of the other blades I’ve seen (on Ebay) that run for $45.00.

While it may work, if you need extra bits to make it work, it’s not such a great product, no matter the price point.

After looking more closely (and chipping a lot of dried ink off it), I think the rubber part is what extends down, vs just the small part on the new blade. I bought it from American Printing Equipment & Supply (I think that’s the name) on Long Island. It was $34. I got it attached with a bunch of washers and it’s solidly in place. Did a quick non-inked test and it makes clean contact with the ink drum, so I think I’m good.

They do fit I have seen the pattern before you can get a non rubber type ,not so good .

Here’s a pic of what you get from Whittenburg, for ~$50.

A blade we had (like the blade seen in the first post) lasted about a year, but we do three or four colors a day.

image: blade1-sm.jpg


That is a heidelberg pattern original fitting blade and is what the chap posting originally should have . However ,as someone i shall not mention by name would say ,you get what you pay for , his probably came from e bin .
Since i saw the post the other day i rememberwhere i have seen the pattern he has , they fit the GTO offset machines with that fitting as a standard .GTO 46 and 52. just changing in length between the two models .

What can I say, this was my first replacement blade. The site said it was for a 10x15 so I bought it. It worked well for the first run today. I don’t print daily, so wear and tear isn’t quite what a job shop would incur. I definitely had to work out the fasteners so it was secure, but it did ok. Next time I’ll know the correct blade to buy.

Jonsel ..
Its not too expensive a lesson seeing as it does work ,its just the filth you get on you while fitting it makes it a drag !

That’s why they invented latex gloves!

The stuff i use to clean the tray out eats those !!

I’ve had some luck using a hand plane to put a new edge on old blades. It’s not very exact but it can get you some more use out of it, at least. They don’t last forever when you wash up often, and a new edge makes it go faster also.

Because the mount slots are elongated you could re dress the edge as long as it was straight enough to contact all the length of the diss drum ,but at that price as whittenberg are i wouldnt mess about ,just renew it and keep the old one re dressed as an emergency .
They are actually cheaper than i can get them for !! I cant remember what i got them for but i think it was more expensive than yours and it was the same pattern .