Kluge Vacuum pump

I am looking for the information on getting Kluge vacuum pump rebuild kit. I remember it being on here but cant find it and don’t remember the guy/places?

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I got mine from Dale (dcshop1001 on eBay) and I believe this is current info for him:

D-N-D Graphics Machinery Company
1528 Seegar Street, Dallas, Texas (TX), 75215, USA
+214 565 0305

Ive seen those, how was his kit?

It was just fine. As I recall it’s just the two gaskets and the two leather cups. There might have been packing provided, but I don’t well remember.

Thanks Ill give him a call

You might want to hook up a gast air pump or house air if available, to your kluge. The veins are the bugger on the original air pumps.

G W K i know we treat our machines like our babies but to say it has got veins also would imply your machine has blood and a heart .
carbon vane replacements can be expensive because if one breaks up in the chamber it usually wrecks the others too , they are found in the MBO folders pumps as well as the stahl folders , it is a good habit to keep the pump running where possible although the noise is usually irritating . The reason for this is because the vanes will usually break at the initial start of the motor which tends with the inertia to flick the vanes outward to the chamber walls to form a seal ,when they get a bit worn they have more inertia and hit the chamber walls harder ,this then may chip one and the bits that break off can cause others to break . leaving the pump running where practical reduces the number of smacks into the chamber wall and actually reduce damage risk , the same with the hertzog and heymann folders as well the muller martini FSTs.

Okay, but what about the vanes in the oldstyle pump? The leather caps and gaskets are great…but there is more in that pump. As a pressminder the maintenance man showed me a disc and said it was a vein….where do you get the inside vane? Ty Peter for keeping me on my toes and reminding me about the differences in language across the old pond.

I will have to look in one of the pumps in store , i am sure we have one or two off an early model , we have had pre v50 machines so i will look into one and see what it has within to make a more informed comment if need be but it may be your description also is at odds with the way we describe them ! I struggle a little with some of the terminology you use out there ,less so today but a year or so back it was hard work ! I would not expect apologies for your use of words we dont cotton on to ,its your language and your site ,it is for us to adapt to it if we want to read on !

There is a post under the header Kluge 12x18,
it was posted in 2010 by Package Product he will have the details one can hope .I just entered Kluge repair kits in the little search box and he comes in the list that appears .

My Kluge is old enough that there are no vanes in the pump. It has two ball check valves. I don’t know what it would take to wear those out, but it would be something monumental.

Cool I will check that Peter Luckhurst and Andykeck mine is the old kluge early 30’s. Doesn’t sound like the pump is to bad off, haven’t opened it yet, but it has been sitting in a dry building the last 30years and time does bad things to rubber. i’m rebuilding most of the press anyways.