new user, looking for info on hohner and simmel proof press

Hello =) happily I make my first post here =)
I am an italian poster artist, usually working with screenprint an now making my first steps into letterpress.

I managed to retrieve somme wood typefaces and almost found a proof press: actually I am trying to convince a local seller to give away one of may old equipments she still has in stock: unfortunately she can0t give any information on the device itself:

can anyone give me details about:
- Max Simmel proof press, model “berlin” (1958)
- Hohner model “comfort”

found nothing in the internet, tried to send e-mail to the original manufacturers but in the meanwhile I decide also to make my first posts here and get in touch with the community

thanks in advance
laboratorio di arti visive
Roma - Italia

image: DSCF4954.jpg


image: DSCF4964.jpg


image: DSCF4963.jpg


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Simmel: Max Simmel is the manufacturer, the brand is Korrex.Some spare parts are available. Contact Monica Blanc [email protected]

check out the website of Drukwerk in de Marge, in the Netherlands. There are many Korrex presses around.

Here you can find the brochure and manuals:

Send me an e-mail and I can post some pictures of berlin presses to you.

Max Simmel is still in business.

thanks folks! precious advices!