Hacker #4 available

There is a Hacker #4 proof press available in the Dallas Texas area (Garland) that has to move quickly or go to scrap. The Hacker was an extremely well built proof press that evolved out of their earlier proof presses and ended with the sale of the company to Vandercook in 1937. Very few of these presses survive. This one is less its inking system but would serve well for hand inking for artists and the like. The phone number to call (P.S. Boylan) is 972-741-8635 or cell 972-889-2867 and I would estimate a reasonable value to be in the $750 range. These are heavy. From the picture, it appears that the cylinder and bed are in fine shape. This is comparable to the same size as a #4 Vandercook. I have pictures posted at http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157634050587263/ and I’ve included a builder’s photo of a new #4 Hacker for comparison. I get nothing from this but I would hate to see a fine piece of equipment get junked. In many respects, Hackers were better presses than the Vandercooks of the same time period.


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There was no interest shown in this press, a #4 Hacker, on my first posting and the time has come that it will be moved out for scrap shortly. Patrick Boylan called me yesterday that the new owner of his building wants the press gone and I think any offer, possibly starting at $50, would take it. The Hacker, for its time in the late 1930s, was a better press than any of the Vandercooks and it often showed up in high end printing plants in what we would call pre-press today. This press has a large bed plate on the bed and would be an excellent artist’s press for limited edition work where hand inking is required. Patrick Boylan’s phone is 972-889-2867, ext 102, and he said he’d be willing to help move the press out. His alternative is to haul it to the scrap yard. The pictures are still posted at my flickr site:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157634050587263/


Great press. I have it’s little cousin, the Potter #2, and love it.
Wish I were closer to Dallas, I’d get this Hacker!
Hope it finds a good home,

St Brigid Press

Yes, I also really wish I could get this machine, but I’m 8 hours away and have no place to put it right now. Someone needs to snap it up.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Oh wow - I have been looking for something like this to add to my printery for sometime. There are so few good proof presses down here in Australia. Unfortunately I doubt it would be viable to ship here! I hope it finds a home. Looks like a great press.

I saw the post that there was no interest. How heavy is it? What equipment would one need to get it on and off the truck?

I am estimating the Hacker at 1500 pounds, somewhat heavier than a Vandercook #4. I also talked to Patrick this afternoon and he says he has a forklift available at the building for loading the press, and he does expect more than $50 for the press and assistance in loading. Price is negotiable with him and I have no direct interest in the sale other than a desire to see a fine piece of equipment saved.


I hope somebody can take it, I’ve just heard of a vandercook gone to scrap here in Monterrey about two or three months ago.. makes me sad.

I know this is late in the game but I’ll get it next weekend if it’s still around