Furnival 10x15 rollers and trucks needed

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me where I could get new rollers/trucks made for this Furnival platen? It’s a 10x15 and has room for three rollers. There are no cores or trucks so I need them made from scratch or buy some spares if there are any out there. I don’t know much about these machines but the serial number on this is 314CFXP.

I’m located in Adelaide, South Australia and would be happy to get them from anywhere on the globe.

What I’m really after is a ballpark quote so I can gauge whether it is affordable to purchase the press as-is and then restore to working condition.

I’ll peruse the classifieds here but any tips would be appreciated.


image: furnival.JPG


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Jacob- I think the question you really need to ask yourself is- can you afford NOT to purchase the press?

Jacob, Our Good Buddy is right, Can You afford not TOO!!!>>To MY eternal shame “bin there, done that etc etc” Give a call via B.P. Possibly may be able to solve your problem if all else fails!!>> In U.K. Making parts for obsolete Presses, and distance seems to be no problem, in this day and age???>>>MICK.

Since you have no cores or trucks, what really matters is going to be the distance between the roller hooks, the distance between the rails, and the diameter of the cutout the ends of the cores turn in within those hooks. Any rollers and trucks that fit those dimensions should work with this press. Since many manufacturers copied each others’ designs, you may well find these dimensions are the same as some other press.