Segmented rollers

Do these exist for Heidelberg platens and cylinders or do I have to invent them. Not looking to split fountain or grind away for perf. Just be able to use a lets say 2” section to transfer ink to plate or type. Thanks in advance

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I think i saw them for sale here for the windmill.

Mike, yes they do exist. Heidelberg never made them that I know of but others have. I have them and use them on both 10x15 and 13x18 Heidelbergs as well as on V50X Miehles. They work great, and the set up is easy. Aynone with a lathe could make them, but the segments I have were commercially made. Segements I’m using measure 1”, 2”, and 2 1/2”, and those sizes have covered all the requirements I have had. Make yourself a set. Carl.

I swear I saw these on ebay a while back, and that they were also adjustable; an allen key would loosen a set screw on a shaft collar and allow you to slide the segment to various locartions on the core. Seems handy if one wishes to number and perf without rollers hitting perf.

I saw them too. Very cool, but spendy. Make your own from old rollers.

Segmented rollers. First 4 made for KSBA test so far are good. When time permits will do 50,000 impression test to ensure durability. This will allow for numbering using cheaper standard numbering(high plunger) machines instead of expensive centre drive heads. Also if used on Heidelberg platen no frisket required.