Rollers cleaning

I’m a new to letterpress. What is better to use for cleaning rollers, plate and ink disc after printing? I use Adana 8X5 press and Van Son rubber base inks. Thanks for help!

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If you are in the uk we use mainly white spirit or a turpentine substitute , these however are not so brilliant for removing dried ink . It is considered bad form to leave ink to dry on a machine anyway as this damages rollers as cleaning dry ink off can require solvents that can irreparably damage the rollers that are not able to withstand strippers .

Thanks for advice! I try white spirit to clean, it clean good! But smell terrible! +))

You can get low odour type …..

Sunflower oil. I use the same inks on my chandler and price 10x15. I use straight sunflower oil and a mild dish soap. I clean everything the same way. Clean with sunflower oil, wipe off the oil, wash with mild soapy water and wipe dry. My rollers are still like new and go through this a few times a day.

No odour, clean and safe.