CP Rocker lock

Hi everyone. Just wondering if this is supposed to go all the way in. It looks like it should. I do not see why it would not. I think my spring bolt might be bent and stopping it. I have a pic below showing what I mean.

image: photo.jpeg


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All is correct. The rocking arm is properly fitting the upper anvil. The lower spring strengthened chock is in a healthy position. It is tapered and if the machine is worn elsewhere the chock would be further “in” under the arm. As long as the machine is “swimming” in oil and used for the purpose it was designed, it’ll probably never wear further. My CP is a 1916 New Style in perfect condition.
www.willamer.com.au Regards William of Rockley NSW

Thank you William The press is in great condition.

So it is the rocker lock that is stopping it from going all the way in. I felt all around behind it and could not for the life of me figure out why it would not go all the way back.

Though I also noticed the lock roller has a flat spot worn on it, it does not roll all the time and sits flat.

Does anyone know of a part source for C&P?

The flat surface on the lock is at a very slight different angle than the surface on the rocker. This allows for wearing in. yours looks perfect.let’s see a pic of the lock in the “out” position.
if you are trying to keep the press “all original” then i’m sure you can find that roller somewhere. your roller can quite possibly be welded and re-ground.
but, if you just want to get it running with a new part, the new rollers are made of nylon. any local machine shop should be able to make the part for you real cheap. if not, email me and i will.
the OD of that roller can be a little off, (bigger not smaller though)

image: IMG_20130719_122322_935.jpg