Royal Imprinting Machine?

Does anyone know anything about this machine? I’ll get more pictures, for now I just have the photo of the nameplate with the brand of the company. It was a large hot foil stamping machine as I’m told. It looks unlike any I’ve seen with rounded grey/green hood. I’ve been searching all over the internet… does anyone know what this is or indeed know anything about it? It has a foil feed on the front so I’m assuming it has an adjustable advance and I’m told it’s old. It had a flat plate for the bronzing area - I didn’t see a type holder like the Kwickprints have.The owner said she thinks it works and I can have it and try and fix it up, but I was in too much of a rush to grab it at the moment so I took this picture with hope of finding out what it was before returning to pick it up.

image: photo.JPG


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I know Royal makes typewriters - I have one, but I didn’t know they made stampers - if indeed this is the same company. It wasn’t very large - I should clarify, not larger than what you’d expect with a bronzing plate of maybe 5”x5”, probably would have weighed 30-50 pounds based on the look of it.

Ok, so I took some extra pictures. I know this isn’t quite letterpress, but if anyone has any idea who I can ask about this machine - I’d be grateful.

It appears to be missing the type holder, but the rest of it looks good, haven’t plugged it in yet, but the cloth covered cord is in good condition. It also appears to be missing the bar/rod that the foil would slip onto.

image: image_4.jpeg


image: image_5.jpeg


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image: image.jpeg