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I've actually tried the laser toner...17 Feb
Briar press refuses to let me upload a...13 Feb
Briar press refuses to let me upload a...13 Feb
Thanks all. About the hot foiler - if I...13 Feb
When you say engrave, do you mean have...12 Feb
I like to use three - that way they all...28 Aug
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There is also a few detailed written...8 May
Oil based and rubber based are both...16 Apr
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Wanted to come back and tell you the...9 Feb
This is just my personal technique...9 Feb
Bob, Thanks, and yes, it's not what...4 Feb
I second all above. I do find that...1 Feb
Amanda, Yes, the pearl white was a...1 Feb
Winking Cat, For real? I have never...21 Jan
I found this hilarious little device in...21 Jan
We always did our initial prints on...21 Jan
I had a great experience with Milwaukee...20 Jan
I would consider laser engraving now...12 Jan
I don't think wooden crates would have...12 Jan
I'm really having trouble finding...4 Jan
Thank you very much! I was able to get...24 Dec
Chuck is correct. I prefer oil because...15 Dec
I mix Pantones on demand in my shop -...8 Dec
You already saw mine haha but here it...1 Dec
For those who followed this thread. I...6 Aug
Thank you everyone! I looked at the...9 Jul
Blind second, unless they don't...9 Jul
Tabletops are not designed to give deep...9 Jul
I should also share, I was able to get...2 Jul
Steve, I will try and run a test and...2 Jul
I realized you cannot see my images...1 Jul
Steve, I do frequently get bare...1 Jul
Bruce, I went with Trans white...1 Jul
I may try it it again today. Paul...1 Jul
I don’t have any ink additives in...30 Jun