Looking for Heidelberg Windmill mechanic in Louisiana

Anybody know of a Windmill mechanic in Louisiana? Need some work on a 10x15. Or any suggestions of how to find one?
Thank you! -Kathryn

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call whittenburg inc, 615 212 0015, it may be a problem we can help you with over the phone, we specialize in Heidelberg letterpress equipment.

Whittenburg Inc,

I sen you and email with a question and still wait for an answer:

This part was given to me. it came in a enforced cardbord box and the Printed Label Heidelberg and the handwritten Label Tiegel.
This is for a 10 x 15 Tiegel?

image: P1070958.jpeg


Thank you Whittenburg inc. I’ll call soon.

dear typenut,
l would guess that what you have is an experimental double rider roller.

Have you ever seen one?

no, not until now.