Where do you buy chipboard online?

Hi, I am looking for chipboards (made in US) and wondering if somebody recommend a good place to purchase.

They will be for business cards and postcards.

Only I found so far is from ULINE but I am not sure if they are made in US yet. They have three thickness 022, .030 and .050z. Which thickness you recommend?

Thank you!

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The .022” thickness would be about double the thickness of a standard traditional business card.

I notice that Papermart has an option for white C1S (coated one side) which would proved a better “backdrop” for colors being printed, and a smoother surface for finer copy. I have some difficulty imagining the readability of images on the darker material otherwise.

That said, Papermart also has a choice between a brown and a gray, which might provide a slightly different appearance for color copy. I have purchased chip board from Uline in the past and found it quite satisfactory.

John Henry

Try calling Shulman Paper in NYC, they sell it. I am not sure if they ship. Ask for Ed and tell him first off you’re trying to have an order shipped to you if possible.

Thank you for both shop and paper info!!!
I will check Shulman paper also since I live in Brooklyn.
I only use Lettra so far, so it is good to try new paper now.

I think brown chipboard might be the one I am looking for.
C1S (coated one side) might be a good choice for my C&P platen top press.

Thank you for all info!