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Alastair Johnston has just announced the publication of his long-awaited biography of 18th century English punch cutter Richard Austin.

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Discount price until Oct 1 2013; this history belongs in any letterpress historian’s or typography library

How might one obtain this new volume? It isn’t listed (yet) on his own Poltroon Press. Amazon seems unfamiliar with it. Google shows only references to lectures by Johnston on Austin from 2007 to the present. SPD, which does trade distribution for Poltroon, doesn’t list it. Oak Knoll doesn’t list it.

Publisher? ISBN? Independent bookseller contact?

David M.

I second what David MacMillan says. Would like a copy, and Google has failed me too.

patience chaps. it is about to appear. the book is printed, i am awaiting the duotone broadside of the 1790 Simon Stephenson specimen which will accompany the first 300 copies. It’s $100 if you order before october 1st. it will be on SPD, amazon, and the poltroon website, isbn no 0-918395-32-1, 400 pages, cloth in d.j.

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Thanks for clearing that up, Alastair - good to know.

Will you be at the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair, by any chance? If I can avoid shipping fees to the UK, that’d be very helpful :)

I am planning a drop shipment of books to UK this week so my brother can distribute them for me in Europe to cut down on postage costs. Since the US has cut out international book rate it now costs $28 to mail one copy to UK! I guess they want the post office to fail.

Great news; do keep us posted on how to order a copy.

I have posted info on the poltroonpress website

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