letterpress in Alaska

Are there any letterpress printers in Alaska?

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to Girl with a Kluge

No, the only black and white is seen on what penguins you can find.


Okay…I believe you

I distinctly remember a large lot of wood type on eBay recently that was located in Alaska.

BTW, if you see any penguins in Alaska, you should notify someone so they can check the zoo for leaks.

alan quit pulling my leg…smartypants..

Girl with a kluge

I found only two Australians who quickly grasped why polar bears do not eat penguins; and I was somewhat astonished to discover that we have penguins in Oz. I think I have seen them in zoos, but never elsewhere, though they sometimes sleep under houses. They are seen on the coast in the southern half of Oz.

A Sunday newspaper is running a comic strip about two penguins in the Arctic. Recently our local morning daily apologized for taking parts of another air crash and adding them to the anniversary of a crash which killed 40 US servicemen 70 years ago. There was a ceremony at Arlington.

I have seen platypus (ornithorhynchus) in a stream at a tourist resort only 50 miles from my home town; at high school, a fellow pupil said he had seen a drowned platypus in the river in the town precincts.


I’m Norwegian, we’re about as arctic as it gets, but we’ve got native penguins. They live on Bouvet Island (fictionally the location of events in the movie Alien vs Predator) and on Queen Maud Land…

According to my Amalgamated Printers Association Membership Directory there are two (or three) members in Alaska, one in Juneau and a couple listed together in Petersburg. APA members print lettterpress, so …


Letterpress Commons (http://letterpresscommons.com/) lists The Victory Special Press in Anchorage: http://tvspress.com/.



Thanks. I will always accept correction.



I looked for the location of Bouvet Island and Queen Maud’s Land. Do you print with white ink on white paper?


Alan, we haven’t always been subtle, but these days we think of that as a virtue, though few of us can claim it.

Bouvet Island is supposedly the remotest island in the world and apparently a very unwelcoming one. I believe our latest research station was blown to sea a few years back, following a significant earthquake.


One again a legitimate querry has been steered off into oblivion. I know of two locations in Alaska as alluded to by Bob -

Juliana Humphreys, 327 Seventh Street, Juneau, AK 99801

Joyce and Peter Schultz, P.O. Box 1072, Petersburg, AK 99833


Okay. I trudged across the tundra mile after mile and never saw one letterpress.. Saw lots of penguins and caught some fish..

Walk south for a while, then turn east and walk till you hit the big salty pond, we have lots of letterpress here in Massachusetts.

There are no penguins, only puffins.There is no letterpress in Alaska…don’t go there..it’s cold and snowy and you will not like it. The mosquitoes and lack of printing friends will make you suffer. Some chick who moved to Anchorage with her proof press aka vandy probably got sucked into a crevasse. So Sad…maybe when the glaciers melt she will be found. Victory Special Press was her name… she has a tattoo with 2 cherries on her arm with the words ‘wild and free’