American Numbering Mach Co, MOD. 25 ??

Hi All

First post that I hope someone can help shed some light on.

I recently acquired an old American Numbering Mach Co, MOD. 25, that was made for the G.P.O (General Post Office) in the UK.

My question is it has a selector lever that moves up and down with stop indicators labelled ‘R’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ and I have no real idea what these are for?

On a more general note, does anyone happen to have any information regards the MOD. 25 as I have found nothing specific to this model on the web anywhere?

And finally, what recommended ink would be best to use for this type and age of numbering machine?

Many thanks in advance


image: MOD 25 3.JPG

MOD 25 3.JPG

image: Mod 25 21.jpg

Mod 25 21.jpg

image: Mod 25 12.jpg

Mod 25 12.jpg

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If the pad is still there, you should be able to use standard stamp pad ink, which should be available in many office supply stores.

As to the settings, the R,C &D probably stand for Repeat, Consecutive and Duplicate.

Repeat will continue to stamp whatever number is selected without changing. Consecutive will advance the number after each impression, and Duplicate will change after every 2 impressions.

Some such stamps have been designed to do triplicate and quadruplicate copies as well.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Hi John

Many thanks for the quick reply and clarification of the R, C & D settings.

I’ll pick up some stamp pad ink for it.

Do you happen to roughly know what year the MOD ‘25’ came out as I’m trying to assertain when the GPO started using this and the font style?

Thanks again


Quote from Operating Instructions for Faymus Automatic Numbering Machine…
“INKING… Use only Faymus numbering machine Ink. Do not use ordinary rubber stamp ink, which will gum or corrode mechanism.”
Using rubber stamp (water base) ink will soon turn your numbering machine into a high-priced paperweight!
Bates is a common brand of check writer ink (oil base) available in small tubes at office supply stores in red, blue or black.
If your machine is froze up with water base ink, it’s useless as liquid wrench or WD-40 won’t cure it!

Hi Stanislaus Pekala

Thank you for pointing this out!

I have managed to find an ‘oil based’ numbering machine ink over here in the UK called AERO BATES. The actual Bates product is not possible to find over here.

Thanks again

Rexel used to supply little bottles specifiedas for metal numbering machiines and daters , No 09325 Black ,
Thats off an old stock bottle i have so it may give you a starting point if you talk to a rexel salespoint.

Bates ink was mentioned, I have a Bates numbering machine model no49 pat in Europe June 11th 1901 and February 24th 1908, pat in the US May 2nd 1905. It is nickel plated and in great condition and good working order. It has three different cam positions and now I think I know what they are for, thanks above.

Hi pica12point

Interesting about your numbering machine having the same R, C, D settings and being this early.

It makes me wonder if my Model 25 is much older than I first thought.

It would be great to confirm the age of the Model 25 and to find any company and product history for the American Numbering Mach Co.