My first Press. C&P

Just got my very first press!
I am chuffed, but now got no idea what to do. But I think she is in great condition and can’t wait to use her. But I have looked for her serial number online, though I am yet to find her.
Can anyone help? I was told 1901.
Her number is: 36861

possibly a 10x15, haven’t measured the chase yet.
She (Betty) arrived two days ago, but no forklift on the truck, err, but hired one and got her in the shed to stay dry.
I had wanted a nice old Albion as my first press, but I think I will be very happy with Betty.

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image: 1tt7.jpg


8”x12” Old style

Intrigued by the tire on the flywheel. I see a motor down behind the box. If it is set up with a sprocket to turn the flywheel, I would love to see it running. Ingenious.
Bicycle powered handfeed letterpress

Claire, Congratulations, your new acquisition looks terrific and ingenious, and one would suspect that is a result of, possibly, the work of, or borrowed from one of U.K. extraction, at some point. …Late 40,s to mid 50,s we saw ordinary pedal cycles with a tiny engine 35-45 c/c.mounted behind the saddle and driving the rear wheel/tyre, in essence, the same as the apparent system on your machine, with, probably, the advantage of pulling the drive pulley into gradual contact with the tyre adapted flywheel, and maybe even simple speed control, and gradual start, as opposed to the motor having to hit the flywheel at full tilt, and struggle.!!! … When time provides a little assessment of the operation and performance, ON line would probably be well appreciated. . . From *the Old Country* congratulations/regards and Good Luck. Mick

L.P.E. apologies on 2 counts, 1 no small caps on the computer and 2 no intention to steal your thunder as above, too involved trying to compose a post, and with half an ear to J. C. still chasing that girl up the Bluff, in St. Paul Minnesota??? … If you get chance perhaps look up our Severn Sisters, Cliffs in Sussex (Wickipedia) Our cliffs are your Bluffs??… Daytons Bluff, with The Mississippi as a backdrop looks terrific, unfortunately our Severn Sisters only has, The congested English Channel as a backdrop… .D.O.F.

It is not my press. There is another video of a person that put a bicycle sprocket on the flywheel to run the press. I didn’t bookmark it, wish I had.Where is the brake for a press like that? Is it the biker or the person running the press duty to stop the press?
Nobody needs to apologise to any any person on here. Some people don’t understand, they never will. Language is different and can be confusing.
Peace out folks and keep on printing

We are told we should be saving energy these days and the best way to do it is to print with a friend. No more worries about your electric motor and whether it is single or 3 phase. Easy to stop and start, just give your friend a poke in the ribs.