C&P 10x15 - Run belt on flywheel or drive pulley?

I recently purchased a C&P 10x15 with a Kimble motor. The previous owner had the motor attached to the flywheel via a leather belt and was running it that way. As far as I can tell, there’s no brake in place for the flywheel.

The press came with an uncut crank shaft, so I decided to put a drive pulley on the press and have the belt run off the motor and on the drive pulley. I will most likely need to cut down the leather strapping or just get a new belt for that area, since the length of the belt is pretty long at this point.

For those of you have motorized C&Ps, do you find you like the belt better on the flywheel or drive pulley? My feeling is that I want the flywheel free of anything. However, if it’s generally easier to operate the press in that manner, I can switch things around easily.

Thanks for your input!

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Be prepared for the press to run about twice as fast driving a pulley as it does driving the flywheel, since the pulley is about half the diameter of the flywheel. The Kimble motor should be able to run slow enough to compensate but it may not have as much power at that speed. Just a thought.


The conventional method is to drive the press on the right side, not on the flywheel. This allows for the conventional brake on the flywheel. You do not really need the break unless you are a bit short on patience and cannot wait for the press to slow enough to use your hand on the flywheel for final breaking. Oh Boy! Am I going to catch it from the safety folks for even suggesting putting a hand on a slowing flywheel.
Driving from the flywheel works well also. The press doesn’t care. On either side, the press should turn with the flywheel turning over the top toward the rear of the press.
With the variable speed motor, start at high speed and give the flywheel a hand spin assist to get all the iron moving. Then you can slow the motor. If you use a driven pulley on the right side, get a big one.

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so that’s how you get ink on your shirt, grab a moving flywheel??