Great resource for beginners

The 20th annual Great Northern Printer’s Fair is already listed here under Events. It will take place Sept. 19-21 in Mt. Pleasant, IA (southeast Iowa).

There are already over 20 sales tables spoken for so this will be a fantastic opportunity for beginners to come and buy things at reasonable prices. This is pretty much printer-to-printer (no antique dealers, etc.) so the primary motivation of the sellers is to get this stuff into the hands of people that will use it.

A few vendors will start setting-up on Thursday and the majority will be set-up and ready to go by Friday evening. Sales will be allowed on Thursday and Friday as well as the Saturday swap meet. We should be open until at least 9 pm on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday and Friday are basically play-days with all of our equipment available to play with or ask questions about. Plenty of printers will be milling about and should be able to answer or demonstrate anything you need to know or learn.

The only charge is a $5 entry fee on Saturday morning. If you would like to have an 8’ sales table and be a vendor, just give me a call at 515-689-4796 and I will save one for you. (Sales table are $25 each)

BIG FUN and a fantastic opportunity for beginners.

I hope to see you there.


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