Nolan Remelter

Hello All,
I have a Nolan Remelter, with a spout in front, for making Pigs from my used linotype slugs. It started to work/melt slowly a few years ago. Maybe one of the heating elements died? Well now it has ceased to work at all. Any ideas on repairs/parts, etc?

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Dave R. Sir, I offer the following only from a long time ago and only to U.K. spec. until the demise of Hot Metal, most smaller firms had either (generally) A 3 cwt. or A 5cwt remelting pot running on Electricity, Above 5cwt they usually were Gas, obviously for the speed and capacity of Newsprint Stereo,s remelt!!! … I repaired one or two, i.e. new elements, and nozzle/spout repairs… The system was, certainly on the 3cwt, the outer jacket was removed as 2 halves, next 2/3 inches of fibreglass, or ASBESTOS cord, at 1” thick, obviously *strictly taboo here/now* exposed the elements, 3 x 3 at 3,000 watts each=9,000 watts. Coiled at 3 levels, top to bottom, with Mica segregators against the wall/lining of the crucible, of course on the outside? … Working on 3 windings from 3 phases. . . Occasionally in desperation, when all else had failed, we pled poverty and insanity and as a temporary fix obtained supplies of heavy duty heater element, (coiled coils like lamp filaments) which did the job, temporarily!!! … We went to a firm called *Brandenberg High Voltage Engineering* … They dont seem to be listed in U.K. anymore, but are still listed, W W . . Perhaps and hopefully you have an equivalent in the U. S. A. if you have no other options… . The forgoing only as applicable in U.K. and also from a long time back. …Good Luck Mick

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Edward will assist you to get it working again.
He is the man that made this unit.

G’day Dave R;

I don’t know where you are located(I’m in Fredericton New Brunswick,Canada), but a couple of years back I had to replace elements in my Ludlow and after checking out several possible sources, went to a company called Exceltec Inc. who make the things. In fact, they appear to specialize in heating elements and whatnot and build them to specifications at a reasonable cost. I sent them a diagram and a couple of pictures along with the specs on the elements. I dealt with the folks in Quebec, but I believe they are international —- the U.S. and Europe. is their website I think. Good luck…..cheers…..db

David can you post what you sent them?

I checked my computer photo library and I must have deleted the pics of the heating elements and diagram I drew…..sorry.
The diagram had the info written on it that was stamped into the sides of the elements as well as dimensions. The pictures of the elements, themselves, were from several angles and were close up…..db