Foundry Type Font Identification

Can anyone help identify this font please.

image: Lead Foundry Type Letterpress Set - No. 04 - 03.jpg

Lead Foundry Type Letterpress Set - No. 04 - 03.jpg

image: Lead Foundry Type Letterpress Set - No. 04 - 04.jpg

Lead Foundry Type Letterpress Set - No. 04 - 04.jpg

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Lydian, one of the very few sans-serif faces with thick-and-thin contrast in the strokes.

Thank you!

Note that although Lydian is an ATF face, Intertype also released versions of Lydian, allowing some Thompson-based foundries to then list Lydians that were not ATF-cast.
This looks like ATF, which not only cast the face number (666 for Lydian) in certain characters, but also marked ambiguous characters as C, lc, or fig. I think I see the C mark above in the counter of the cap O to distinguish it from a figure 0, and the I, l and 1 would also be marked on the shoulder.
ATF did show old style figuresfor Lydian in one catalog but I have yet to find anyone who has handled them.
One thing absent in the Intertype release is the variant barred cap A.

Just to finish this off. Lydian was designed for ATF by Warren Chappell in 1939.


Named after his wife Lydia.

F. A. O. Mr. *Just to finish this off* etc. rather presumptious comment implying that the chapter is closed. Perhaps one or two others may have factual input, to clarify for the new ones???
Wikipedia, is quite precise in that Lydian was designed by Warren Chappell for A.T.F. in Nineteen and thirty Eight (1938)!!! AND gives a comprehensive breakdown, (on sight/on screen) of ALL the idiosyncrasies and quirks of that type face.
P. I. Has done his homework.???
And in front of Myself, now/here in the U.K. I have a type specimen portfolio, by *LETTERBOX* Graphic Services, situate at Letterbox ltd., 1 Basire St. Islington, London. N1 8PN. (U K)
The specimen book, Lists/Shows Lydian and Lydian italic, very clearly, along with many hundred other unusual/retro typefaces, including many that would appear to be American orientated, e.g. Chicago Bold, (light, condensed etc) Railroad Gothic, Americana Bold + Extra Bold, Richmond, Winchester, Abramesque, Charleston, Eight Ball, Jim Crow,?? OF COURSE Lydian and Lydian Italic!!, Orleans Open, Quaker, Yukon.!!!!!!!!
To recap, perhaps the book stays open for the time being and for the benefit of the new ones that want ALL available genuine info. Not exclusively confined herein!!!