C&P Roller Bearings

I have a C&P 10x15 motorized press with four rollers: two with good bearings and two with bad bearings. I’m wondering if there is a supplier that sells the bearings and could tell me how to replace them, or if the entire roller needs to be replaced once the bearings are shot?

Thanks in advance!

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It would seem that you have a Craftsman press, a very nice press.

The good news: the bearings should be quite easy to remove from the saddle, and they’re just a slip fit on the roller shaft. They should be easy to remove and replace.

The bad news: the problem is that they’re a very uncommon style and size of bearing, and the only application they seemed to have was in Craftsman presses. There is a supplier for the roller bearings, and I have the information, but it is on a hard drive that is on its way across Canada for data recovery at the moment.

Finally, the bearings aren’t very precise, so they can take quite a bit of abuse before needing to be replaced. I had some that were badly caked in goop and rust, and I couldn’t rotate them by hand. I soaked them in Evaporust for a while, and then washed the remaining greasy gunk out with hot water. I followed up by baking them at 150 degrees in my oven, which melted more nasty stuff out. After they cooled down, I doused them in oil to deter rusting, then packed the balls with grease. They seem to be as good as new now.

Thank you both so much!!!