Recommended engraving Ink suppliers??

When it comes to engraving ink, I am familiar with Cronite and Faust inks – however I just wondered if anyone had ever used another manufacturer that would be worth recommending for ink and supplies?

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For supplies standard ink out of PA is great.

Buzz makes great ink.

look up printmaking suppliers shops-should be stocking Graphic Chemical co inks ok, Daniel Smith I prefer, Charbonnel etc, v v nice inks also from Paris by societe d’oiffer if you can get hold of them.

Joop Stoop in Paris offers good quality inks as well.

Thanks for your replies, sorry forgot to mention I also use Buzz. Ideally looking for something that is water based. From a supplier point of view, I like to mix it up a little and grow my knowledge - find different inks are better in different circumstances, we do a lot of solid and fine line work. So any advice or recommendations would be great, thanks again.