Mysterious pin fell out of my press!

Hello. I have a 1915 12x18 Chandler and Price. I recently found this pin on the ground under the right side of my press. I cannot locate it in the C&P manual and cannot figure out where in my press it came from. Help!

image: photo 1.jpg

photo 1.jpg

image: photo 2.jpg

photo 2.jpg

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looks like the key that holds the small gear on the main shaft??

It’s called a gib key and is used to secure round things (gears, flywheels, drive pullys) to shafts. Look at the center of all the aforementioned and one of them will have a either a square hole (if the two parts haven’t slipped) or two rectangular holes, one in the end of the shaft and one in the driven part. (If the part has shifted on the shaft.) Look on both sides of the press. Things bounce and roll when they fall out.

Ah hah! Thanks dickg. I now see the part in the manual—it’s the pinion key (13K in the C&P book). Any idea how to get this guy back in to place?

Line up the slots and tap into place with a hammer or mallet.

Got it back in to place. I assume I should hammer it all the way in? Thanks for your help!

I’d ensure the gears are centered to each other and knock the key good and snug with a brass drift. A block of wood jammed behind the pinion gear might help keep it from sliding.

Here’s a writeup by a fellow printer: