Heidelberg Windmill - Different type height for both the form rollers

Hi, I have search through the forum but couldn’t find the solution. I have a Heidelberg Windmill. I feel that I do not have enough inking on my photopolymer plate. I have to do skip feeding even though I have new trucks and form rollers installed. I couldn’t get an even type height for both my form rollers when I do checking with the roller gauge with ink on it. It seems that my both form rollers has different type height. I keep adjusting the type heights for both sides on a different position of the form rollers from top to bottom but couldn’t get a unify height for both of them. Did I missed out anything?

I am not sure whether the bearings on the form rollers is the culprit because I have one tightly fit into the shaft and another one in loose condition. The new bearings is the loosen one as this is the only bearings I can find in my country and most of the printers here using the same bearings as we can’t get an original size bearings (tightly fit into the shaft) here.

One more questions, is the form rollers and ink distributor / ductor roller the same rubber rollers in terms of size?


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Hi ZeeJay,
Form rollers and distributor rollers are the same diameter.

Older roller cores had a 9.5mm shaft for the bearings, new roller cores are 10mm.

When adjusting rails on each side, the upper and lower adjustments are not completely isolated; moving the upper rail height will change the lower rail height a small amount. I prefer to maintain partial tension on both bolts and adjust both levers at the same time, then tighten the bolts.

Regards, AM

I have to try that again. The roller heights adjustment is making me crazy.

Slight correction: Original Heidelberg rollers are 9.5mm bearings and continue to be that size. After market rollers made in the US by Syntac are 10mm because they use an off the shelf cheaper bearing. One needs to stick with what they have because the bearings are not interchangeable. Just be aware—both sizes of roller cores and bearings are readily available.