Adding foil unit to windmill

Hello all,
I’m looking to add to my 10x15 windmill to do hot foil.
Do you have any suggestions for starting to piece together this equipment? I’m ok with finding used parts. Any guidance or resources would be appreciated. Thank you.

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We are sort of working on bringing the Liepelt unit back into production. I own the Gold Boss and Liepelt names, having purchased them from the US Bankruptcy Court in 2002 when Liepelt was sold by the IRS to satisfy back taxes. Crocodile Industries near Portland continued to make units and repair parts as the principle in that operation had worked for Liepelt, but that business has closed. We are in the planning stage right now and when anything develops, I will post something to let people know. In the meantime, I don’t know of a really good unit that’s available other than the Lutz side draw unit, but that savages the press requiring the removal of the side arms for the rollers, and that kills the press for letterpress. The Liepelt unit does not change any aspect of a Heidelberg for use as a letterpress printing press, and that’s one of its main features.


D. H. Sir, obviously impractical to think in terms of purchase and shipping your needs, from U.K. but just possibly 2 of many firms, that do supply precisely your needs, may just inform you of their counterparts in the U. S. A.
There seems to be a lot more*across The Pond* co-operation and goodwill, that is at first apparent!!
For starters, MAY DAY GRAPHICS, SENIOR GRAPHICS, and more. Listed, W W W.
But possibly refer to your machine as a Heidleberg Platen in any enquiries, lest they think you are a descendant of DON QUIXOTE???

A german company still in existance used to make a detachable unit that was manufactured in the form of a chase and fitted exactly as simply as put the chase in and plug her in all done .The manufacturer is HAKRO . I have no idea if they make them still or parts for them , how to foil on a platen is not my forte ,a desktop blocker i believe is still the better method and that task is for the bindery improvers !!

Peter???? been on vacation? you had a few of us worried.

Sleep …..
sorry been busy , the market for die cutting grows greater the less men available to do it the closer the order date approaches!! Am awake now !
Wishes for the season to you .

Dear all,

We have a Heidelberg Windmill 10x15, with original Stamping unit from Heidelberg. We bought it second hand, and it does not have the foil rod which goes under the chase. The seller don’t want to help us. So we need your help!

Anybody knows where to find a supplier of this part or anyway to get it?

We will really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!

Shouldn’t be too difficult to make one we may even have one tucked away in our stores
Please feel free to contact us on 01924230800
Or [email protected]
Paul :)