What paper does william arthur use?

I’ve had quite a few requests to make complimentary pieces to a william arthur suite. They only list there paper as bristol. No real details.

Does anyone have any ideas on what they actually use? They have this one color that’s like crane lettra ecru, but the paper is slightly paler will a little less texture.

I appreciate the input.

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Bristol is one of the basic types of paper (along with bond, book, cover, etc.), so when you say no real details, it actually does give an idea of what they use. Bristol is a strong, ususally fairly smooth, heavy paper or light paperboard which is used for cards, invitations, drawing, and other things in commercial printing. 57 lb. bristol is about .007 inch thick, and 67 lb is about .008 inch thick (or a little more). It can be bought in thicker versions which are more than one ply laminated together. It is quite dense, so I highly doubt if you are going to get a deep impression with it. I looked on William Arthur and Crane sites on the web, and from what I saw, it looks like there are some raised images on their products which are hot stamped and embossed, and it said in one place the print is thermographed. We’re having a big discussion about thermography on Briarpress now, so I won’t go into what that is. If you Google bristol board you will get several sources and some are off white. Here’s one example which I found (but have never dealt with):