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Recently added this 1874 Daughaday Model No. 1 to our printshop collection at Old New Haven Village. Got it from an antique store in Virginia. Was very happy to find the chase still in place with it. It is a hand inker. Thought I would post a couple pics for you to see.
In my search so far I have come across information about it in one of my books ( “Personal Impressions - the Small printing Press in Nineteenth Century America” ) by Elizabeth M. Harris.

She states that each model had different painted decorations and that these varied even between presses of the same size.

This one has red pin stripping decoration.

My question is: does anyone have or seen another 5 by 7 1/2 Daughaday Model No. 1 with any other color pin stripping or were they all done in red?

Happy New Year to all.

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It would appear that the early ones might have had both pinstripes and floral decoration. Stephen O. Saxe has scanned an 1880-or-so Daughaday catalogue which shows a No. 1 Daughaday “Model” press in this size so ornamented (though it gives no indication of color). This scan is online at:


Or for this and other scans that he is doing, see:


(There are further scans in the works.)

David M.

they are all hand painted some very ornate. I would say it depended who was painting that day. most I remeber were red and gold.

image: dog 008.jpg

dog 008.jpg

image: dog 009.jpg

dog 009.jpg

Thanks for the links, and thanks for taking pictures of the one you have that is even more ornately painted.