Diecutting on Heidelberg 10x15

Hey all,

I’m very interested in learning what it takes to convert my Heidelberg into a diecutting machine (and back again). Unfortunately I am not sure where to begin with this - perhaps there is a guide somewhere?

I would appreciate if anyone could explain the process behind acquiring and equipping die-cutting equipment to the machine, etc. Am I way off track here with the very suggestion? Thanks!

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You need to remove your rollers then remove your packing and replace it with a die=cutting jacket.

Whilst this appears to be mainly an american site it would help if the country of origin were added to posts requesting suppliers or like this what they need for a purpose as then we can add appropriate info that suits the individual nation concerned !

Hi there, I am learning Die Cutting on a Heidelberg Cylinder Press need more info on troubleshoting technics for make ready thanks .

tato more specific info press size and model .what you are trying to achieve etc

It is a 22 x 30 SBG Heidelberg modified for die cutting, my goal is to produce a quality job. I ‘m an aprentice right now.