print setup, thrash type

what makes a good and efficient print setup is the connection with the printer itself, therefore, personal.
a plank is enough. bisexual adhesive tape also, in case of custom image cuts. ink, some ink stretching material, an ink receiver, and an ink drying factor as an ink applying technology. for the pressure — the press — we just think about a way.
the setup makes the printing and the publishing house printmark, fingerprint.

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…no offense…..maybe I’m missing something, but what the H…E…Double Hockey Sticks is this all about?…..db

I want to know more about this bisexual adhesive tape!

I’m just going to guess that the adhesive “goes both ways”

I think its a poor translation of double sided ,but it is certainly an original description!!

….it certainly is…..may a little on the too wild side for a getting old guy like me…..but certainly interesting…..

I’m pretty sure he/she is describing experiments with adhering a laser-engraved or hand-cut plate to a base using double-sided tape. Run through automatic translation or similar :)

i don’t run gtranslate. at all.
i updated the blog though, so you can check that out.

here is a scan of a test print with the laser cuts.

here is a joke