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ok so here is a scan of the laser cut....20 Feb
i don't run gtranslate. at all. i...20 Feb
@james im still thinking in why you...19 Feb
imagine that! i just ordered a scan...17 Feb
@kim you are right. english is my...17 Feb
thank you :) how conforting your words...29 Oct
if you ever come to portugal, give me a...23 Oct
i noticed the same dickg... perhaps due...18 Oct
well, i was not thinking in taking it...18 Oct
well, actually i've done that for the...19 Sep
ahah, that's what i think!.. saw some...18 Sep
oh nice! didn't know about that! now...5 Aug
i believe that you should have both...30 Jul
all i got until now is just die cut...28 Jul
then i'm doing it right... thank you...28 Jul
yes peter, i was going to tell you...20 Jul
hello peter, first of all thank you for...19 Jul
so, getting back to the guide lay bar...19 Jul
for packing, i'm not counting neither...18 Jul
it is on the grippers axis side. but I...18 Jul
i think i got it! at least the...18 Jul
sorry for the delayed pictures, but...17 Jul
what about sawing?9 Jul
peter, I can't unscrew this part as the...9 Jul
@typenut thanks a lot for the link!...8 Jul
yeah, that's the solution I came up...8 Jul
thanks for your quick feedback! i'm...7 Jul
yeah, we're sharing the same space....21 May
thank you for your kind words...16 May