Best Coaster Paper

Hello Everyone,
What is the best coaster paper?

We currently use 220 Crane or Neenah Blotter paper for our coasters. I find the Crane 220 to look thicker.

In our store we carry coasters from other companies and they have pretty nice card stock for their coasters. It actually looks a lot like the Neenan Coaster paper, but with one side more raised or it looks like they added water to make it rougher.

Does anyone know of any great coaster stock? I have seen the Katz and other brands, but I am looking for a much better quality.

Thank you,

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I like to use butter board. It runs about $5 for a 32x40” sheet from binders Considering that most people throw away coasters after one use, I don’t see the point in using such expensive paper as Neenah Blotter or Lettra.