Letterpress Newspaper

CBS News has produced a well done video that came out today on the Saguache Crescent, perhaps the last weekly paper in the US printed by letterpress direct from metal type. Watch the video here:


but be aware that the video that follows is about hoarders, something I’m sure none of us are afflicted with.


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…….and when we have a really bad solar electromagnetic storm, which knocks out all electronic devices, it not only will be the only letterpress newspaper, it will be the ONLY NEWSPAPER

I saw it on TV the Sunday before last and it was a terrific piece. Even the annual and semi-annual letterpress newspaper productions are slipping away. I have been told that there is no longer a letterpress newspaper produced at the Minnesota State Fair. We produce an annual 8 or 12-page letterpress newspaper during the Annual Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, IA. This always runs for five days, ending on Labor Day. Basically the same paper each day, but we do run the presses and folder to show people the process each day.