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Hi all,

New to letterpress and in the learning process (I and my friend and associate in our amateur workshop have only printed some small photography and text artist books in the two last years), we would like in the next days to print in white using Lawrence ink on dark blue and dark grey 300 gsm cotton papers made by GMund. In order to optimize our first trials, as I’m not sure of the results, please could you give some advices and comments ? I’ve read in the past some things here about white ink on dark cardboard - it doesn’t seem easy to get good results -, but it’s hard to find them again.

Thank you for your answers (and sorry for the poor english :-))


PS : hi Thomas G if you read that.

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Just do it. Make up you own rules. Experiment. Change the fact that it didn’t end up like you thought it would. Enjoy that fact. The image you had in your head was just an inkjet print. Letterpress isn’t an inkjet print. It is handmade. Revel in that fact.

Salut Jimmy, je viens de te lire ! Tout va bien à Amsterdam. But, for the sake of this forum, I will answer in English. Are you and François printing on the Korrex? If so, try printing twice the sheet, but then you have to be exactly in the same position, otherwise you’ll get a double image. Another way is to ink twice and to print once. Bon courage, et si t’as des questions, n’hésite pas de me contacter directement.

Yes Thomas, we’ll print on the Korrex (btw, great results with the Lawrence ink that I recently bought, better than with our previous german ink). Before the trials, I was wondering if the white ink would be opaque enough (I ordered opaque white from Lawrence in UK). It should not be a problem to print twice the sheet. So it seems to be easier than I thought :-)

Je passerai peut-être à Amsterdam un de ces jours, tu es bon pour prendre un café !


Ditto on Lead Graffiti’s comment. See what you can do with it. It probably won’t be 100% opaque, so don’t expect that. As he said, it’s handmade. Enjoy that look.

Please check out a post I put up in Dec 2012. Search “Opaque White on Black Stock”
Good luck
Steve V

Read. Thank you.