Border slides

Can a border slide for a Linotype be used with an Intertype C4?


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Yes. If your machine is equpped with the Intertype mechanical quadder, you should be able to use the slide black as is. If your machine is not equipped with a quadder, you will need to drill, thread,and mount a 1/4” stud projecting 1/2 (or more) from the bottom of the mold slide block so that there is not overtravel of the Intertype justification bar (and thus no casting)

Make sure to put the block in the 1st rail postion or you will get a mold slide or pot safety trip and the accompanying hassle. Of course the molds must match the cast width of border required.

Thanks. I’ll double check all of that stuff before I buy a bunch of border slides from a Linotype owner.

The slides are the same, the slide blocks are what differ. Many Intertype slides even have the same number as the Linotype original, but sometimes a given number has diffferent designs across the divide, and I haven’t seen an online seller that specifies Lino vs. Inter make for slides, though most of the low numbers are similar.
I’ve seen blocks that had a threaded stud that, in place, made the block Intertype, and removed, Linotype. And Intertype-only blocks that had a projecting rib along the whole length of the block.
Bear in mind there is also a different block for slides 18 point and up.